Inspection of personnel (prospective or existing)

Verification of employment candidates

How does one find and hire an effective and decent employee? Hiring a decent candidate based on a good CV is as impossible as getting honest answers during a job interview. Applicants tend to hide certain facts in order to get a position in a company, it may result in you being fooled. Hiring an unreliable employee can jeopardize your business.

Our company offers a screening testing of prospective personnel, it will determine reliability of a candidate and eliminate those who lie and hide important information about themselves at the time of selection.

During such polygraph testing our specialists identify the following factors:

Inspection of existing personnel

Using advanced applied tools such as polygraph your company can ensure effective control of personnel and their conscientious performance of assigned tasks. Effective control over long-term employees with high level of trust becomes especially relevant. In fact, most wrongdoings are committed when employees are sure they won't be caught or a fact of misconduct can not be controlled.

By implementing polygraph testing for existing employees, you ensure an early detection of employee's misconduct resulting in timely respond and adoption of right protective and preventive measures. The preventive nature of such testing "contains" employees from violating official instructions.

During such polygraph testing our specialists identify the following risk factors: